Monday, 17 October 2016

Week4 Homework: Drawing Your Hand Holding Different Household Objects

Drawing/Painting Your Hand Holding Different Objects

In this exercise, you will make five drawings and/or paintings of your hand holding different objects. Holding an object in your hand while you draw it will add compositional interest and provide new creative and technical challenges. Spend at least 45 minutes on each image and challenge yourself to remain focused for the entire time you are working on it.

Before you begin to make your image think about how the posing or position of the hand, the object it is holding, the composition and the use of colour and technique can infer narratives to the viewer and promote different emotional responses. Experiment with different objects and techniques to see what responses you can illicit. Don't just start drawing in the centre of the page. THINK ABOUT COMPOSITION. THINK ABOUT HAND POSITION. THINK ABOUT THE OBJECT YOU ARE HOLDING...
...Make your drawing as exciting to you as it should be to the viewer.

Use a range of drawing materials including coloured pastels, pencils and paint (watercolour, gouache or acrylic paint) and ink.

Upload the finished drawings to your blog and write a few lines reflecting on the experience of completing this task. You could ask yourself the following questions...
  • Are you struggling with the process or are you finding it straight forward? 
  • How does this make you feel and how has it affected your creative/design decisions? 
  • Did you gain any insights this week about your work/processes/progression that surprised you? 
  • Have your expectations about your development in drawing practice been met? 
  • Or do you feel you have exceeded them or have you failed to have met them? 
  • Why is this and where is the evidence to demonstrate this?
As a student on this module you must now start to take ownership of the tasks presented to you!
Are you fully engaged with and excited by each drawing?

Experiment with media, process and technique. Make it yours!
Go for it!!

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