Monday, 3 October 2016

Week 2 Homework Assignment

Week 2 Homework Assignment

Drawing Household Objects in Negative Space


2B and 4B Pencils, sharpener and rubber.

4 different household objects, such as a corkscrew bottle opener, whisk, scissors or any gadget that appeals to you.


Draw 4 different household objects separately. Focus on the negative space within and around the objects. Don't draw the objects in isolation but in relation to their immediate surroundings. You can use tone to help define the negative shapes you see. However, try and resist the urge to simply "shade in" your line drawing. Think of the use of tone as away of adding dimensional qualities of depth to your work. Spend at least 20 minutes on each drawing.

Purpose of the exercise:

This exercise provides further practice in using both negative spaces and tone in your drawing. You will be drawing on ungrounded paper (plain white paper), to again demonstrate the beauty of pencil line on paper.

Post-exercise remarks:

One of the striking characteristics of negative-space drawings is that no matter how mundane you subject - a chair, a bottle opener, and egg whisk - your drawing will seem somehow beautiful and significant. This demonstrates, I believe, the importance and power of negative spaces in art. When next looking at art works in a museum or gallery try and be mindful of the negative spaces and how the artist has recorded and interpreted them. If you take the time to look for this I am sure that you will begin to see a strong emphasis on negative spaces again and again.

Start by defining the object in negative space...

...then create dimensional depth and with tone... relation to it's immediate surroundings.

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