Monday, 3 October 2016

Week 2 Intro to Life drawing

Introduction to Life Drawing

Materials: Use a variety of materials and colours including fine liners, felt tip
pens, pencils, charcoal and wax crayons.

Think about how you can apply any new knowledge gained from the previous
Be confident…
Focus on the economy of your line…
Embrace failure…
Respond to the movements and imperfections of a life model as opposed
to the stillness of a photograph…
Concentrate on what you can actually see not what you expect to see…

D1: No rules applied
D2: Speed drawing - Halve the time
D3: Speed drawing - Halve again – repeat 2 times with same partner
D4: Speed drawing - Halve again – repeat 3 times with same partner
D5: A blind contour drawing – don’t look at the page & keep pen on page at all
times making sure to keep it moving at all times
D6: A Semi-blind contour drawing – taking occasional looks at the page &
changing materials as and when you see fit.
D7: A Semi-blind drawing using both hands at the same time – try and keep
your eyes on your ‘date’ as much as possible and avoid looking at the page
as much as possible.
D8: Using your opposite hand create a portrait.
D9: no rules applied
D10: no rules applied

Continue session for as long as time allows…

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