Monday, 20 February 2017

Week 4 Independent Task (Homework); Experimental Picture Making!

Review week 4's final drawing - what's it communicating? 
What kind of relationships do they animals have with model? 
Are they in visual/narrative harmony? Or do they clash?
Does it have a surreal feel?
Like the tableaux drawings you made on week 1 it will convey something or suggest a narrative. 
With this in mind, follow week 4's independent task instructions...
Using your drawings from week 4's session make 2 textured cut-out animals and a cut-out Mel, make in isolation don’t worry about size of animal/model in relation with each other, e.g Mel can be smaller than animals, or the thrush can be bigger than Owl etc.
Glue cut-outs on an  A1 sheet, construct an interesting composition that conveys a mood or suggests a narrative. Collaged elements can overlap, one behind another its up to you. Work back into composition, adding more of the animals if you wish. Use a picture plane so the elements don't float in space. Add shadow.

Use limited range of black and white mixed media – no more than 3 types of B&W media. 
Experiment and have fun with the process!

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