Monday, 13 February 2017

Week 3 Independent Drawing Task

Week 3 Independent Drawing Task (Homework).
Select an atmospheric environment to draw at dusk, such as;
  • Inside a church
  • Hillside
  • A Wild Wood
  • A Street Corner (lit by lamplight)
  • Or somewhere equally striking, filled with a gothic horror or film noir allure. 

Using your viewfinder to help you, find 4 dramatic compositions in your environment to draw. Search for visually interesting, and contrasting  compositions to engage with, consider angles from above , or below, zoom in with the viewfinder or zoom out.
Repeat the image making processes you employed during this weeks session, such as preparing a charcoal ground, working back into with eraser and compressed charcoal. Or consider other suitable drawing techniques. Fill 4 sketchbook pages with your moody or/and spooky drawings.

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