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Learning Report/Reflective Essay...

Learning Report/Reflective Essay...
As part of your assessment for Semester 2 you will be expected to submit a piece of written work much like you did in Semester 1. Go back and review your portfolio of work from this semester and reflect on your progression. Make notes of any insights you have during this process of reflection or how your work compares/contrasts to the work of other artists you have been studying this semester.

This time there isn't a specific 'essay question' as you will be expected to submit a 1500 word Learning Report. 

Learning Report
  • This should be at least 1500 words
  • Discuss your learning progression throughout the whole of this year
  • Include reference and discussion of the work of at least one artist you admire/have been influenced by, in relation to your own work.
Take this opportunity to reflect on your work by reviewing your portfolio and making notes as to what you will write about. What artists have inspired you this year? How does your work differ from theirs? Are their similarities? Differences? You should also think about incorporating images of your own work and the work of another artist/artists to enhance/illustrate your points.

When reviewing your portfolio make notes about your feelings, anxieties, errors and weaknesses that you see in your own work, as well as strengths and successes and how your work has progressed over the course of this year and how you expect to develop in the future.

Remember don’t simply write descriptively as many of you did last time. Make sure you review this guide to reflective writing

As you only have to write 1500 words DO NOT WAFFLE!! 1500 words is only about three pages of writing, so make sure what you say is relevant, heartfelt and counts. For example this blog post is already at about 500 words! With a very short essay like this there is no need for meaningless filler. Use this study time reflecting on your work and looking and reading about the work of other artists as an opportunity to develop and enrich your own practice. WAFFLERS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!


The University of Worcester also has a Study Skills page on it's website to help you with academic study so please make use of it! If you are using examples from text books you will need to use Harvard Referencing.

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