Thursday, 8 December 2016

Week 11 & Week 12 : Independent Drawing Assignments

There will be no classes in Week 11 and Week 12.
However, you will be expected to complete the following drawing assignments independently. 

Please note that you will be expected to present the work you have done in Week 11 & 12 to your peers in a group critique in Week 1 of Semester 2.

You can complete the 2 different assignments in any order you choose and in any city you choose e.g. your home town.

The Drawing Reporter Part 1
Investigating Locations Telling Stories

Skylines, cityscapes, panoramas; buildings make up the essence of a city. This week you will need to work on a collection of images that explore the contrast in Worcester’s architecture.  

“Too often the integrity and freshness of the original sketch is lost through re-draws or an attempt by the illustrator to ape the immediacy of the hand drawn sketch, by developing a mannered, contrived, and over mediated style.” (George Embury)

Select two locations where there is a large contrast in the architectural style; the bigger the contrast the more interesting the drawings. (Tip - It would be good to have a variety of new city architecture and old city architecture or even combine nature.) 

Remember you are NOT drawing people; this week I want you to focus only on the architecture. 

Limited Colour Palette; All work should be completed in only two colours and a variety of different media. You may wish to use different coloured paper to add an extra element to your work. Think about how the media you use can suggest mood and atmosphere. For example you could use a combination of watercolour and coloured pencil crayon 

I would like you to complete 20 drawings. You should work on a variety of different paper sizes and formats. You should work on a variety of time restrictions, the minimum being a 5-minute drawing and the maximum being 30 minutes. Make a note of how long you spend on each illustration. The idea is to great an expanded portrait of the city through its architecture.   


Think about your colour palette. Think about your location. 

And Remember…

The sketch as the mark, which never knows when to stop

The Drawing Reporter Part 2

Investigating Locations Telling Stories

Location Piece – City Drawing
Find six separate locations that you think best represents each of the six characteristics below. 
  1. Frightening
  2. Erotic
  3. Transcendent
  4. Passive
  5. Fevered
  6. Muffled
Make 1 drawing for each of the 6 characteristics based in the cities architecture. On completing the assignment you should have six different location drawings that you think best represents each of the characteristics above.

This Assignment is based on Douglas Huebler’s Location Piece, July 1969. Make sure you research this i.e. LOOK IT UP!  

Remember you are NOT drawing people; focus only on the architecture. You can choose specific aspects of a building, for example you may choose to represent ‘frightening’ as a cctv camera on the side of a building. This assignment should help you to extend and develop the work you have done on composition in class. You should also be thinking about your choice of mark making, use of tone, colour, texture and how to layer these to work together to best suggest the location and it's characteristic. Spend at least an hour on each drawing.

MEDIA - Full colour illustrations in a range of drawing materials including charcoal, coloured pastels, pencils and paint (watercolour, gouache or acrylic paint) and ink on A3/A4 size paper.


How do we perceive and represent time and place?


The sketch as the mark, which never knows when to stop

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