Monday, 7 November 2016

Week 6 Homework: Cafe Drawing

'Cafe Drawing'

Building on the speed drawings you did in Worcester Week at Bristol Zoo...
this week your homework is to draw the people you see around you in cafes, pubs, at the bus stop or on campus in the cafeteria or library, extremely quickly. 

Practicing your speed drawing is an important skill that will allow to to capture the essence of a person in minutes and/or seconds. By drawing people out and about as you see them will force you to draw them FAST purely out of necessity!

Also known as the flash pose, this simply involves drawing anyone or anything around you quickly, before they move away. This exercise is where you learn to draw FAST because you never know when people will move, or people may be moving already. The drawing is not quite a pure gestural drawing because, to a certain extent, you are trying to get a rough likeness, but the style of drawing will definitely be very gestural because of the high speed you are drawing at.

Over the next week draw as many people as possible (at least 20) and continue this practice throughout the module. As Animators and Illustrators you should always carry a small sketch book with you for this purpose and by the end of the year you should have several sketchbooks full of cafe/speed drawings.

Remember, every exercise you do in class and for homework will be assessed for this module and we will be checking for any missing class and homework exercise

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