Monday, 26 September 2016

Week1 Homework Part 1: Create a Blog/Online Portfolio for this module.

Student Blog / Online Portfolio
As part of your homework this week you will be expected to create a blog or online portfolio (using Google Blogger please!) specifically for this module. Next week we will add all the student blog links on to the Module Blog page. So remember to bring your blog link to next weeks class. You will be able to see what your peers are doing in your class and in the other occurrences.

Each week on your blog you will be expected to upload your class work and homework exercises and write a reflective paragraph and add it too the blog each week.

Don't simply write descriptively, write reflectively. Write about your feelings, anxieties, errors and weaknesses, as well as strengths and successes and how you expect to progress in the future. You can find another guide to reflective writing here.
Making regular written posts along with uploading you images which will make your written task for assessment much easier!

Uploading Work
Scan the images or use your camera phone or digital camera if easier. Make sure the images are in focus and are at a high enough resolution and there is enough light to see your drawings clearly. Also make sure that the images are oriented correctly on blog.You will get the best results if you use natural light and the drawings are laid flat on a wall, floor or table.

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